August 24, 2011

tell mr. 4 to keep smiling and say farewell to the ashtray boy

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 Dear Blog,

I've Been having a lovely week hope everything is going well with you This is just another random update postand ooh i lost 12 pounds this week thanks to death by cardio and weights :D teehee
A.) Turning green
 So One Of my new Years resolution for 2011 is to Go Green, yes i plan to use less plastic this year the best option would be shopping totes. My little heart cannot take the fact that a lot of sea creatures die because of all the trash we create 
at Muji making my personalized tote 
Plus i always bring my Blue hello kitty chopsticks with me so if ever i eat out i don't need to use any plastic spoon and fork ;) 
B.) My treasure  Box
just some of the things that makes me feel all giddy inside
i have boxes and boxes of accessories and clothes but i rarely use them for myself (i mainly use those for my styling work)  but i have a box of my all time favorites  a mix of small trinkets and all sorts of fun junk i have collected over the years from different places i visited 
some are gifts by close friends
i like to buys things  from thrift shops and antique shops
so if your planning to win my heart with gifts ;) 
its either you give me margiela or any Fun inexpensive crap that i will treasure with my my heart 
C.)Hang each memory 
since i was stupid enough to loose my favorite Margiela necklace i decided that i need a newlucky necklace to wear everyday  (pendants i got from all over) 
D.) Geeky Mode 
just realized that all my favorite characters are blue haired. I'm completely obsessed with mutants, ninjas and all creatures with aquatic powers
Touya from YuYu hakusho
a blue haired demon ninja
powers: Ice

I remember i had this card when i was a little boy too bad i lost my collection :( 
E.) magnetic Love
for some weird reason i'm always in the mood to go looking for magnets these past few weeks
Would love to find some of these cuties 
4.00 $ each
and this one is sort of sweet in a freaky way
$ 40 pack of 10
all available @
F.) Song of the week
@Mr. pierre 
This picture - Placebo 
okay time to order some breakfast at Mcdonalds
Yup thats me haha
Thats all for now
Kisses A.

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