August 08, 2011

Monthly Random Things

Mood:Like a virus needs a body And soft tissue feeds on blood
Someday i'll find you
Dear Blog,
Hey Blog 
haven't done a post like this in awhile
So here are just a few random things i like and stuff i didn't post from a few months back
1.) My jellyfish habitat hair 
Since a lot of annoying strangers come up to me and touch my hair and say "ooh its real pala"
i decided to buy a real Blue wig
Note: do not touch other peoples colored hair it's a bit annoying and rude ;) 
  i was able to copy the shade 
2.) ON repeat VIRUS by Bjork
This is Officially my MOOD for the whole month 
I'm really excited for my Little half Brother wilier a.k.a Salad day for his collaboration
and plus i'll be doing his Video look book
almost done with my mini story YEAH
4.)The Birth Of Salad day x Kisses A.
i never really Got to blog this Before 
so here it is
Things we did
and to clear the rumors we are not lovers ;)
Our Entry For Meiday by 27 Artist 
Photo by Brendan Goco
Head pieces for Cherrie Gil  & Chynna Ortaleza 
5.) Been playing Left 4 dead 1 & 2 
so last malate Pride party i went as a zombie apocalypse survivor  
Photo by Rcxy b.
 was just wearing a andy warhol shirt, torn jeans platforms and torn black stockings
was going as a 3am girl going home from a party and suddenly a zombie infection started
i wasn't really ready so i forgot to bring important  zombie survival items  like..
A.Med. kit
photo: LINK HERE 
B.) Weapons 
Photo: LINK 
and if all fails 
sailor neptune's wand 
Photo: Link Here 
5.) Something Cute and Dirty ;)
Jellyfish Dildo
source: LINK HERE
Thats All for now
Kisses A.


  1. ito na talaga ang fave ko na post mo! may sailormoon + zombies+ babae ka!


  2. hahaha yun ba young perfect formula ko ng entry hahaa miss you!!!

    kisses A.