July 20, 2011

Call Mr. 56 and tell him to teach me how to fly

Mood: mastering the science of sleep
Dear Blog,
Hello there my Blog
i Know that i have neglected you for a few months now
but i promise to make it up to you
i Felt like i needed a little break from blogging 
and moved to neptune and worked 
i always wanted to live  there 
it was so beautiful 
they had strong winds  and water that gleamed like the crystals from Russia.
been a busy busy boy 
did a lot of shoots
made a few designs
did a few shows
and i have tons of random things to post here
But before all that i just remembered that my blog just turned 2 years old 
and if i was reincarnated as a cat i would look like  something like this
Current mood:
Happy birthday Blog!
thats all for now 
Kisses A.

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