March 22, 2011

this & that color me Blue and gray

Mood:Yeah, I think you're cute, but I really think that you should know,I just came to say hello, hello, hello, hello.
Dear Blog,
Hey Blog been feeling better again
sleept for 2 days and went production mode for 24 hours
was able to make 4 pieces yesterday 
and i feel i can sew some more today 
anyway the weather has been awful its officially summer and you guys know i'm not a 
big fan of sticky hot weather  
oh before i forget I'll be posting my WATSONS Beauty blog entry 
i attended their annual press launch the other week
i have new products to test out :D
heres my to do portion of my room
got these weird moving magnets
it was a typical weekend went out with lovelies
had the weekend cheat day rituals
and bought new supplies
been experimenting with my fabrics
and hopefully the mood swings won't come back for awhile
how was your week?
Thats all for now
Kisses A.

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