March 04, 2011

tell mr. 14 i want to see him tonight I'll be wearing that weird thing with the blue straps

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Dear Blog,
Just a Mega young designer 2011 recap 
3rd challenge 
the mental experimental avant garde challenge  
our group won most cohesive collection 
Entry 003 COMBATRON Man dress
My inspiration for my Man dress is Combatron. I wanted to make the piece a tribute to the few first ever avant garde pieces that came alive during the 1950's . The outfit is organic yet with a mixture of robotic futuristic feel. Combatron is a Pinoy robot character from Funny Komiks that was famous in the early 90s. The design brings back so much memory of the POP culture that I grew up with. It is not just an outfit, to me its art. The panels of the outfits formed into an art installation, layers upon layers of texture with each panel injected with love and passion
and i had to model  for one of the other contestant because we were short of models that day :) 
meanne's entry 
i had to do a little cat walk as well 
my carrie bradshaw day dream came true that day 
you know the one when she modeled for D&G 
anyways it was a really fun day
to bad i don't have a video of the runway show 
Photos by Niccolo cosme
Thats All for now
Kisses A.

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