March 10, 2011

please tell mr. 56 i did a lot of things this month

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Dear Blog,
heres just a recap of what i did these past few weeks
I'm trying to make up for my lack of posts :) 
1.) Something new i did
well a few weeks ago i was invited to judge a school  fashion designing contest at the college of the holy spirit manila 
most of the contestants were from the fine arts department 
they were ask to pick a diva like Cher, christina , etc etc and  make an outfit out of recycled materials
(and you now how much i adore recycled art fashion) 
 since i just got out of a reality design contest it kinda felt weird being a judge that day 
it was actually a fun experience but i sort of felt disappointed that the one(I Really liked) who designed the Cher ensamble didn't win :( (the 6th girl wearing an oval brown thing from the left next to the designer wearing a hat) i think the other judges felt like he used a lot of fabric material  unlike the other students 
2.Went to The Querida Panty monsters party  and got real drunk :) 

a top i made a few hours before the party 
Skin tone tank top with eye detail 

photo by: paul jatayna 
3.) SHU UEMURA exhibit @robot 
helped Lotho set up his piece for the exhibit 

congrats L. for another inspiring piece 
"Another Zen" - Lotholotho
for Shu Uemura 
March 2, 2011
Empty Water Bottles & Glass

and i just want to say that robot's bathroom is simply delish!
4.)Did a collaboration piece for Meiday by 27 artists 
and the Birth of SALAD DAY X  KISSES A.
will make a complete post about this  :)
Willar Mateo & anton Belardo
photo by Kenneth Pornillos 
an outfit i made for the exhibit 
Black One sided top 
snakes and ladders shorts  by Willar Mateo 
photo paul jatayna 
5.) STYLING for the Press Launch of Lay bare 
stylists: john paras & Anton Belardo
can i just say i missed styling so much 
its really my no. 1 Love ;)
(will make a complete post soon) 
a  necklace i made for the show 
Thats all For now
Kisses A.


  1. graBE Lang c lotho. glad 2 know that so much gv r happening in yer life .. congrats ah.. miss u!

    and i cant wait for yer collab! ill be yer first customers!

  2. OMG remember when the winner was announced? biglang may chika agad ng audience "OMG BAKIT SIYA YUNG NANALO?!?! NOoOoOoO!!!"

    hahahahha! :D