March 18, 2011

ink 003

Mood: Do you think of me? Like i dream of you
Do you wish you were here? Like i wish i was with you
Dear Blog
Hello Blog
I'm feeling much better now
a Blue caterpillar visited me in my dream the other night 
and gave me a magical Blue happy pill
and I feel much better  now
I dislike my mood swings :(
anyway my obsession continues
I finally Got the Tattoos I wanted 
I met up with Two of my High school classmates  Jamille and Reinier last week
and it turns out that Reinier is now a tattoo artist 
I remembered back in high school that he was very good in sketching and all that
so we talked and scheduled a tattoo session 
The Design
My illustrations of two jellyfishes 
I Told Reinier that he could play around with the rendering 
the only thing i said was "i was feeling the color blue today"
I always believed that you should trust your artist 
when ever your getting some Ink done 
Where to place it 
Outline Done
I must admit that this time i felt a little pain (i have high tolerance in pain)
I usually don't feel much when i get tattoos even though  its in the Boney area 
But the collar bone part sort of hurt  ;p
we were supposed to add more details but i was getting a bit tired that day so we plan to do them  another time 
I don't have a better Photo of it right now but will post it as soon as it heals :)
Tattoos By Reinier Loresto
You can contact him through his FB page
or Pm me
Thats All for Now 
Kisses A.


  1. I love finding out what my old students grow up to become. I'm sorry if I ever scolded him for doodling in class.

  2. lol
    miss you ms. nikka
    i remembered that i almost failed a subject before
    i think math
    because i was preoccupied with all my doodle work
    and visual journals
    kisses A.