February 06, 2011

Mr. 34 I want a Blue cupcake for my Birthday

Mood: Tonight were going har-har-har- ha-ha hard
Dear Blog,
Doing a little bday dance ;) 
We'll its February again & it's my favorite month of the year
It's the LOVE Month 
Plus I just turned 24  
February 7
The Only thing i like about birthdays is the "birthday wish"
For some weird reason it always comes true for me
Like 2007 i wished for a boyfriend 
I was visualizing how he would actually look like and POP
the next week i met someone like that.
last year i wished that i could join something 
like a competition and i got in Mega
This year i'm really not sure what i want...
So heres my mini Birthday wish List Post 
1.) A DooDle from you Guys
2.) Blue one piece Rectangular dress By Margiela S/S 2011 Ready to wear
Photo Link: style.com
3.)  Jelly fish Backpack 
jellyfish bag by Mishap photo link Here 
4.)Magical healing hair
Flower Gleam & Glow..Let your power shine. make the clock reverse bring back what once my mine. heal what has been hurt .Change the fate's design save what has been lost bring back what once was mine what once was mine ;)

ooh and speaking of hair  i dyed mine the other day
Bright hair is actually turning into a trend now so
i went black again plus my hair needs to stay away from harsh chemicals for awhile
5.)Jellyfish Toys from Amazon.com
Poralia jellyfish plush toy 12" availabe HERE for $10.10
6.)12 savata art glass Moon jellyfish paperweight sculpture 
7.) EDGER 
will get one next week :D 
photo Link here 
working on my mini project right now excited! 
8.) Any piece from the Armani Prive  Spring 2011 couture show
death by dreamy 
Photo link: Style.com
Thats All For Now
Kisses A.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAM! omg. i miss u sew much. ^^ sa pantymonsters punta ka?

    i'll make a doodle. hahaha. i'll try my best.

  2. SIS! MIss you SEW much!!! yeah i'll to cubao for the panty Monsters

    Go! doodle me! haha

    Kisses A.