December 17, 2010

My eyeliner runs in constellations For you dear

 Mood: I was in love and everything was fun
Dear Blog,
i haven't posted anything about love in
a long time
and i feel like i need to make a love blog post 
last week i changed my relationship status in My FB account to Single
Haven't Done that in like hmmm.. 3 years?
it was  my first step in letting go of every bad Complicated relationship this year.
Another Love ended and like every ending it was sad 
But This time 
instead of becoming bitter 
Choose to only leave good wishes behind 
 I  feel really bad for exchanging Mr. Refrigerator man for Mr. jelly X
i guess it was just meant to happen
my note to the present, past, future 
To Jelly X
Goodbye  R.
earthquake/ then You'd Love me  
To Mr. Refrigerator man 
I'm Sorry N.
i miss the four corners where we use to sit
the smell of cinnamon sprinkled coffee 
and your ugly floral sheets thats smells just like you 
I miss this dark room 
Room 09
Mr. Refrigerator man 
mix media 
and tomorrow I'll be.. 
Kisses A.

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