December 05, 2010

let me be your straight boi for a day ;)

MOOD: the clothes you left they lay on the floor and they smell just like you
Dear Blog,
Had a really nice day with my two lovely lovely sisters
Got my hair treatment today its all soft now
i'm really happy with my new hair color
i finally achieved silver-ish gray with hints of blue ;) 
this is what my hair looks like when its all flat and straight 
i prefer the messy all up in your face hair mode 
Outfit: shoes Zara ,Mickey mouse bag, over sized shirt comax, shorts maldita man (hidden) 
Bracelet- bangkok, willar fish earrings 
Had fun shopping for Unnecessary cute crap 
with ze sister 
heres just a few random things i did the other day 
My Christmas Tree 2010
Christmas tree 2009
and here are some Drawings i did
For Ziggy S. (ayan na yung bangs! ahaha)
and a laptop cover For Willar  M.
my interpretation of Willar and the Salad Days 
Thats All for Now 
Kisses A.