December 21, 2010

GENERATION MEGA: The modern "duster"

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Dear Blog,
Photo by: Paul Jatayna
Heres My Second Entry for generation Mega the mega Young designer Competition 2011
sorry i don't have the clear copy of the photo yet but this will do for now ;)
Thank you Santi for the photo
the one on the left
My version of the favorite Filipino housewife outfit which is the"DUSTER"
and it comes with a black obi waist hand embroidered belt
i don't have a close up of the belt but it looks something like this  but with more details
 a new mix media painting on canvas  i'm working on 
very similar to my doodle drawings. 
tread instead of ink
and i don't like sketching it on the fabric first its more freehand i just wait for the images to come then i sew ;) its like i hate using pencil as an outline  when i doodle
like what i learned from the lovely Ms. Tina D.
"i hate using patterns on my beading, its so grade school" 
its  actually the minimal version of this outfit i made  that i wore during the elimination
 and  the little black dress wouldn't be complete without Gorgeous sky high heels ;)
available at Graxie  (Rockwell powerplant Archeology wing)
Heres their Online shop
thats all for now
Kisses A.

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