November 23, 2010

the jellyfish Invasion

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Dear Blog,
My first piece for GEN M
#001 Dikya (jellyfish)
Organza X Glue gun X beads
Molded Gown
photo by Elite Manila
photo link here
one day i dreamt of this huge gray room
i walked inside and in the middle 
of that room i saw i small crystal  lake
went closer and saw this form of a woman naked 
lying on the middle 
gray hair, blue lips
no other features
surrounded by a school of jellyfishes 
then i woke up..
Photo by Daryl Linn Lozano
photo link here
i chose the jellyfish as my inspiration because of all the interesting facts about
them that i can relate to 
usually misunderstood as beautiful but mindless creatures
 they don't have blood , a brain and a heart
but yet they have survived for almost half a billion years 
seemingly harmless but a few of its species are considered to be one of the deadliest creatures on earth
simple but complex 
mysterious beautiful alien like creatures of the sea
The body of my gown is an abstract representation of the sea and corals 
where the jellies come from
the beads embedded on the corals
represent polyps or jelly seedlings 
seedling that bloom in phases of the moon, or different climate changes depending on the species

photo by Enriquez Claudine 

i attached bias strips of two toned gray and blue organza at the side
crawling from the front to back  
a representation of an intertwined jellyfish 
and before i forget 
Please watch the 3rd episode next monday 10pm on ETC channel
repeats on sunday 10am 
another Exciting challenge will be revealed
thats all for now
Kisses A.


  1. Good luck good luck! Gosh, this is so amazing. You are fabulous. <3

  2. Its good to see that your still keeping up with this blog. Missed ya

  3. @Ali & Ricky missed you guys too.. just a bit busy but will still blog whenever im free :)

    @ karl

    kisses A.