September 03, 2010

He-ART for Fashion

Mood: Take me there again. Up to the top to the top of the free fall a great wall
Dear Blog,
Well last last week me and will decided to do a little exchange gift *feels like xmas already*
I was totally boy crush-ing One of his hats he made 
and it turns out that he was very much into one of my art piece.
Heres a photo of will and his Action Fighting Pose:12 Exchange of output bringer.
Glad you like it dear..
Untitled by Anton Belardo
Heres the hat by Will Burgos Mateo 
EYE loves it!
& in other news just rescheduled my passport renewal appointment
i can't wait for our little Vaca time
Shopping will save the world ;)  
Thats All for now 
Kisses A.


  1. Ohhh Anton I love your art! I love how you put all these elements together and it just looks so amazing. :) !! <3 and your hat is super cute.

  2. When are you going to give me one of your art piece Anton since you don't want to give me the "Room 09"??? :p

  3. i love the hat! anu yan exchange gifts kau?