September 27, 2010

Because mr. 56 said hello and it was sexy

Mood: You and your Private eyes ;)
Dear Blog,

shopping for buns and meatloaf ;)
 Fun things i did this month
Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash
Stylist: Lotho Lotho
Assistant Stylist: Anton Belard
Some photos from our segment 
Photos by Eugene B. Santos
Photos from Ly-Ar martinez
we had 2 Korean models that night they were very professional and extra sweet 
Thats All for now
Kisses A.


  1. Ooooh, eye candy. I want to go to this show, hahaha. <3

  2. ooh this event looks fun haha!! i miss pinas and grocery shopping there-its so much cheaper!!! wah!!

    btw-following you too on twitter :)