August 01, 2010

Anton Belardo X

Mood:  Didn't know how lost i was until i found you
i was beat incomplete 
you made me feel shiny & new
like a...
Dear Blog,
 online gay lifestyle magazine 
a few weeks ago the lovely people of lustral boy emailed me and asked me if i was interested to write for them.
Thank you M&K for the lovely introduction
My first piece is all about  inspiration
Go and check it out 
tell me what you guys think and
show me some monday loving!
With Love


  1. Just saw this on facebook.. reading it right now. :) Looks fabuloussss! <3

  2. ..and I loved it!! I so need to start making my closet have pictures everywhere for interesting. Great and amazing piece you did! :D <3!~

    Over the weekend, I.. I.. I didn't do much, haha! I was with my family and we got coffee and we were just very lazy. :) And yourself? <3

  3. Oh wow! Congrats Anton! New Bryan B. in the making! Watch out BB! :p

  4. We "lovely boys" at Lustralboy just wanna say how thrilled we are to have done this with you. It's been a very enjoyable and inspiring collaboration. We look forward to many more to come. M & K.

  5. @jaypee thank u J. ngak hindi naman!

    @lustralboi sending electronic kisses!

  6. Congrats on your piece! Love it! :) Good job!!

  7. Boy you got swagger.