June 18, 2010

Skeleton you are my friend

Mood: skeleton we are so so close but you don't have a body so why do you insist of wearing clothes
Dear Blog,
I finally finished my art piece for one of my empty walls 
in my room. My room feels a little bit BLAH lately which affects my daily mood . 
 it took me 2 weeks to decide what to do with the canvas i purchased a month ago.
Well Im pretty happy with the end results. This time i wanted to do something more 2 dimensional
 making it feel like those children's pop-up story books.
Title: 0001
Mixmedia on canvas 
Well in other news my Insomnia is on full blast 
making it difficult for me to get any decent dream time at night
so i made a video the other day 
0001 on film
have a great weekend everyone! 
Kisses A.


  1. I lovee your drawing style, seriously, the shading with the lines and the eye shapes are magnifico. :D I hope I can do something with the canvas I got.. I think something with a jellyfish in it! ;) you got me hooked on those things.

    insomnia is the best for video making! Lovelove (:

  2. te anu nung soundtrack ? gandaaaaaaaaa.. excellent.. ang ganda mo te and yey for losing weight!!!!!

  3. @ Ali Thanks dear!
    @ karl yes yey for losing a lot of weight ahahaha
    the song is in the info part of the video ;)

    Kisses A.

  4. gandara nung video!!!!!!! can't wait for the 22nd!

  5. Wow. Anton, we didn't realise just how creative you are being with your blog and in other media. We really want to do more things with you! We'll email you later.