May 03, 2010

your triangular Eyebrows make me feel all giddy like no. 09

Mood: I am Overrated said the Sculptress of the sea
Dear Blog,
well its time for my favorite blog portion 
where i give you my  List of favorite Random things  for the month of May 
its the End of summer and Im really glad that the rainy season is about to start 
1.) Rain Wear 
A.) Nubrella 
 futuristic shell type rain gear 
i would love to try this out 
B. Neon hand drawn raincoat (by me) Model Brent C.
Ordinary Raincoat+ permanent marker+ neon paint + fixative =
C. clear Umbrella
the clear Umbrella is still my top Choice
heres a chica and eco friendly umbrella the BRELLI
a fully functional Biodegradable umbrella
2.)PENIS meets Lipstick = perfect love 
One of my most creative friends from college messaged me a few weeks ago
and told me that she made me something 
Amigurumi penis Lipstick/Lip balm Holder  
thank you Melissa! i loves it..for more Super Naughty lips ;)
College photos of me and mel. my sculpture Partner
Check out her new Blog CLICK HERE 
3. Favorite Quote 
4.) Octopus Love 
i find it interesting that these sea creatures have three hearts
a.) Tentacle Pendant 
made of polymer clay 
you can get this at ------- Click here
B.) SWAKtopus- Zombie v 2
Click here 
i find them to be beautiful fluid like creatures that dwell the mysterious ocean floors 
Floating Alien Like Creatures 
Heres a Clip of my Favorite scene from The movie Fifth Element 
the Blue Alien Opera Singer
( a must watch film)

and when she died it was simply sad and Beautiful at the same time.. Epic!
5.) New Crushie *insert sissy boy giggles here*
everyone needs a new crush from time to time ;) 
God i haven't used the word crushie Since High school
6.) Movie Moment 
Battle Royale is still one of my favorite movies. i can  watch it  over and over again
for more Chiyaki kuriyama No. 13 
and out of Boredom  i made one myself
death By Poisonous Diet Pills
6.) my Mood and feel for this Month is...

and ooh heres a little Preview on what were working on for Fashion week for John Paras 
so far Im loving the collection.. more editing and final touch ups before the show 
so Im expecting more manang mode for the next few weeks 
Thats All For Now
Kisses A.


  1. kaloka. so many things to take in a single post! wow. hahaha. rain gear is love. malapit na ang tagulan... clear umbrellas are cute pero madaling masira :(...

    naloka lang ako sa penis chuva holder. haha.

    sino yan si crushie ate? make kwento NOW NA!

  2. @mike ahaha this is my monthly list kaya its really long
    okay lang na mabilis sya masira mura lang naman yung mga clear umbrellas ;)
    ahaha super penis lang diba.. super cute lang
    gaga secret crushie nga chos
    go lets chika soon

    kisses A.

  3. hello darling.
    I love the octopus, I'm gonna make one. It's amazing. (: octupuses (octopusi? octopi?) rock.

  4. ay win ang raincoat marker keme... magboots na tau mare!
    anton.. so yan pala yung battleroyale..naalala ko na xa.

    sorryy pero natatakot ako s tentacles..yiii..kadiri kaya! hhahha

    to each his own hehe
    see u soonish

  5. Mr. Compy-puter is still dead. :( My brother's gonna fix him when he's done with school in a week, so yay. I'm usin' my mom's for now. (: and yes! I definately want to make an octupus necklace or something. So cool. *__* you find such neat neat things!

  6. Your posts are always funny ! Love the quote & the silly things you find ♥

    Mon Mode Blog