April 07, 2010

you were lovely dahling

Mood:  Im a bird wearing a brown polyester shirt
Dear Blog,
earlier today i was looking for some paper works in our house .
i was not able to find it  but i found  some great Vintage photos 
don't you just love vintage photos ?
all the scratches and discoloration gives the photos more character 
i think its so romantic.
60's and 70's 
"the perfect Hostess" my mom looking all chica in front of our old house in San Lorenzo village 
my all time favorite photo of my momsie and daddy 
her style was classic chic but she can be experimental from time to time.
now i know why she gets along with John so much..
looking at old vintage photos was sort of our bonding time
she would tell me all sort of crazy stories from her time
i remember she told me that she was going to the presidential palace that time thats why she was wearing that pink jP looking dress 
my sister having a batman moment lol
now heres  a really good photo of my dad *the smiling guy in the center*
now back to momsie she told me that her fave brand back in the old days were
Givenchy and Chanel 
Her fave local designer that she could remember pa was Bobby Novenario
her favorite thing to do before was host big parties for my dad's friends
which includes foreign business partners,politicians, etc. etc..
we had like 8 cars 
my moms motorcycles
she told me that her Beauty secret back then was BEER.. it was the key ingredient to achieve that big Puffy hair plus loads and loads of hair spray.
 The 80's 
red lips and super shoulder pads and look at me with the pink satin bow tie,pink belt knee high socks.
see i was paranoid na back then. I thought i was being kidnaped or something :))
That all for now 
Kisses A. 


  1. Ahh, how cute are you! And I love old pictures, so fun to look through.. you learn so much.:)

  2. Aww you're sooo cute Anton! Your mom is so chic! I really their style back then. ;)

  3. This is sooo cute.. by the way the batman pics are of Kuya Norman not me nor Gerry LOL =) love it

  4. brings back so many memories....

    You look so cute :-)

  5. I too love family vintage pics ! Your mom is absolutely gorgeous... reminds me of an Asian Jackie Kennedy !!! :) Mon Mode Blog