April 29, 2010

wednesGay night Panty Monsters @ B-side

Moo:  Rawwwwr--- insert SFX here 
Dear Blog
my Death by fashion Post
when all the Coo-Coo Panty monsters meet up be ready for one craaaaaaaazy fun Night 
girls, gays and boys Choose your weapon of choice 
 Battle Royale part 2
wear your heels like your life depended on it 
Girl No. 17 Nica     Boy No. 6 Jujiin Samonte
Boy No. 8 Karl      Girl No. 5 Xtina superstar 
Boy No.15 Yekky        Boy  No. 8 mike Toxic 
Boy No. 22 John Paras         Girl No. 10 Lotho Lotho
Boy no. 19 Neonheartboy  Girl No. 2 Zarina L.  
Death by Interview Ows Tokyo?!
Boy 19  Boy No. 3 Paulo Castro and Girl No. 6 Baronessa Peabo
Boy No. 10 Jp    Boy No. 11 Paul     Boy No. 16 Will 
Murder on the dance Floor
death by DJ's 
boy No. 1 Nixon  Boy no. 13 Chi    Boy no. 14 Shahani 
Girl no 1 Stacy R.    Boy no. 25  vince F.
Girl No. 30 Tracey 
Death by Cam whore and short shorts
Death Battle 
Neon-heart-boy Vs. Toxic-disco-boy 
Some photos  Grabbed from Mike's Blog 
Thats all for Now
Kisses A.