April 22, 2010

Please call no. 10 and tell him to bring some oysters and cupcakes, thanks bye

        Mood : Theres no space in my heart where i 
don't wanna love you
Dear Blog,
Heres  a little Update from last weeks Blah blahs
Monday: helping P.  stuff his suitcase with love 
Photos from our little Despedida dinner for P.
Tuesday : Got my head shaved and got a new ID
Wednesday: @indios Bravo studio helping a friend out with a shoot 
with the Golden child  i made 
for  a shoot i styled before
Makeup Forum launch 2007
@ Bside Fluxxe me again Please
My heart on the dance floor
Drunkietie drunk Vision =
Friday: @ayala museum Digital Lab Launch *work day*
what i wore
in the mood for wine and oyster Tonkatsu 
Saturday: Styling for a Private event 
Look  NYC love 
cosmo  cupcakes anyone?
Thats all for now
Kisses A.


  1. i love this post
    andaming kaganapan te.. miss n kita!!!

    ang tapang nung madonna and child shoot ah. win!

    i need to know the werabouts of those rings!hehe

  2. wah bat may tiyanak. nagulat kez. ^^ haha. kelan next party? sama mo ko. ^^

  3. AWESOME pics! love the rings and the bracelets!