April 10, 2010

Past, Present work

Mood: Insert doubtful comforts here 
Dear Blog,
my latest art work
WORK 2   2010
Dreamcatcher: 4 days, 4 dreams 
my new twitter page layout. whatchuthink?
Today my lovely sis  got me this really fun engraving sticker Kit 
which reminded me of my favorite project back in college
in one of my classes before we did a glass engraving print project
we were given a sheet of plexiglass 
 we engraved our design on it
after engraving we would spread ink on the sheet of glass
to fill in the spaces, we removed the excess ink with paper
 to transfer the design into paper
we had this big rolling pin like machine at school
where you place your glass and a sheet of wet paper 
and then we turned the wheel of the machine
pressing the glass and the paper together 
it was pretty old school but it was the funnest project we had ;)
heres the finished product 
Lady of dreams 
Thats all for now 
Kisses A.


  1. I looove your drawings, so stylized. I really need to post my artsies up, I totally told myself that my blog would be art plus SOME outfits but.. alas, now it is being overtaken by outfits hahaha. Thanks for the inspiration. :)) Want to see more!