March 09, 2010

ill be queeky , call me after 10 ,look for no. 11

mood: these cucumber eyes are lying the more that i smile about it.. its good to be in love 

Dear Blog,
 been busy with all the small things i have been doing for the past week
i have been in a really really Good mood lately 
a bit weird but i'm not complaining :)
thank you  half smiles and good dreams 
so okay..
i have this weird habit of doodling on anything.. 
i have been doing this since college  
 so you can imagine what my
 notepads,sketchpads, test papers, and even my table in school looked like
i can't help myself 
  i grab  my pen  or my  2b pencil
and start creating images that just pops in my head
so i always bring a small sketch pad with me wherever i go..
(a doodle painting i did a year ago)
(two years worth of doodles cut and paste mood)
i found this interesting website that i just want to share to all my lovely readers 
its a online community for artist 
(you can draw and paint online)
its a useful online tool and its fun to use (my first try im still getting use to the "tablet" im not a really techie person)
my second try :)
thank you for sharing this 
 and heres a quick doodle of my Favorite looks from F/W 2010 shows
yohji Yamamoto
vivenne westwood
and Maison Martin Margiela
thats all for now..
Kisses A.


  1. What a cool website, and I love your doodle-collage!.. I should do that, I definitely doodle too much, too, hahaa.