February 15, 2010

weekend friday-sunday

Mood:take me where the clouds are cotton candy like puffs in the sky 
Dear Blog,
This is how i spent my valentines..
with spikes and studs ;)
(webcam break with 2 of the candidates) 
so okay i just got back from my trip/ work day from the mountains of tra-la-la
i recently styled a shoot for an anual show in Santa Rosa Laguna.
i was really happy with the  results of our shoot
swimming+ Golden tan = to a greatly colored bun 
don't you just lovess it! 
(From the movie temptation island "mahirap maachieve ang golden tan")
les accessoires
la mode
la pomme
Outfit1: day1 test shots (checking the lights)
Outfit 2: day 2 with the pony 
and thank you cosmopolitan clothing line for the uber delish Stud necklace
my birthday present from them (sweet) ;)
(cam-whore break with P.)
and ooh before i forget me and P. made a video for vday LOL
wishing i had a better voice...(my Muscular secretary busy with planet Romeo)
We stayed at a place called Oasis a korean resort somewhere in cav
2 days of nonstop kpop music  
heres a little sneak peek of what i did
i wanted movement and play of texture

thats all for now 
kisses A.


  1. Love your blog so cool!!!!!!!!
    come check out mine

  2. super loveeee the styling. thanks darling! im doing the layouts now =)