January 07, 2010

hello 2010

Mood: looking for love in the trashcan 
Dear Blog,
2010 has arrived 
the end of another decade 

i started making my "things i have to do" list for this year
i must admit that i made a lot of bad decisions last year 
but i guess its all part of the learning process
im still growing as person and as an artist.
im saying NO to negative vibes this year 
no more being scared of the unfamiliar
Im going to take more risks
and go with what i feel is right.
i heard from someone before that you have to risk it to take the biscuit  LOL
so okay this is where Im suppose to insert my little thank you speech to all my friends and family 
that have been oh so supportive 
thank you guys and i love you 

lets all dream of a better dream this year ;)
what better way to start the year than to get back in shape ;)
i need to loose all the weight i gained during the holiday season
(all photos by michael maguigad note: no photoshop editing,  his version of  digital lomotography) 

more heels more fun ;)

Kisses A.


  1. wow.. ang linis ng kwarto mo! haaha may ganyan din akong exerciser ayan lumaki legs ko..

  2. madumi nga room ko eh yung malinis sa sister ko yan duon kasi nila linagay yung pang exercise eheheheh