January 18, 2010

extra thin please

Mood: Skunk Anansie
Dear Blog,

i saw this old photo of myself
i use to be ultra-thin
i seriously need to loose some extra pounds
i just hate the effects of the holiday season
i need to fit into my old clothes again
heres my entry for an online design contest 
(if you have time check it out
and click the i lovesss it button)
;) kisses in advance

The concept is entitled Protect, the collection should embibe the love for nature and one must be protected from the harsh effects of the environment he or she lives in. saturated hues must be the collection's main scheme. with texture and hints of black. It should be fun and adventurous. The clothes are for people who love traveling and enjoy outdoor activities and still be stylish.
been doing a lot of small projects 
but i will post more updates soon
kisses A.

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