January 06, 2010

bag-lady-boy trashion history (2004)

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Dear Blog,
the other day my sister gave me this supah cute"Rag" clutch bag by Rajo Laurel

princess pin by lotho
 It sort of reminded me of my college days 
and how i learned how to sew properly.

it all started back in high school 
i think i was in my sophomore year (2001)
i played around with different scraps of fabrics
i slowly learned how to sew with the help of home economics books from the library.
In school(both in college and high school) i was always known for my eccentric bags
mostly made from recycled materials. Some i made and the rest were from defect,1:15,havoc,black strawberry and other "street wear" shops.
i had a lot and i mean a lot of bags before
 from coca cola can bags to my futuristic cockroach-looking bag
but the One that got much attention was my rag bag that i got from black strawberry.
it was my all time favorite bag and still have it up to now.
after awhile they stopped making "rag bags" and moved on to other materials
so i decided to make my own version
at first it was just basic shapes
the clutch

after awhile i tried experimenting with different shapes and mixing it up with different materials

(2004)my label before 
i use to sell bags in csb and i found out that john Paras was one of the people who bought one of my bags

The Belt bag

messenger bag

thats all for now
Kisses A.

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