November 07, 2009

kiss my modu

Mood: 500 days of summer dance sequence : You make my dreams come true!

fB status: 5:30 am chilli burgers ;)

earlier today we dropped of some stuff at cosmo store at the ramp.
I was with my one of my bff Zuchini aka zarina..
Since im still using my crappy china phone at the moment (i haven’t fixed my pda phone yet)we went window shopping for phones at Globe  telecome
we found a bizarre looking phone
its absolutely cute.
available colors  black,pearl,pink and blue
This weird tiny phone has 7 keypads and it comes with a cool express casing outfit

“the jacket” its fun right?
You can change the entire Look of your phone.
Just slip your modu phone in a variety of modu jackets .
"world’s lightest, fully functional phone and a record holder of the Guinness Book of Records"
keri? keri! Even though I like big chunky phones

2gb capacity,bluetooth,mp3 player
Php 8,000
When choosing a phone here are just a few Musts for me

1.) It must be HUGE in size I like them big and chunky
2.) It must be aesthetically pleasing to me
3.) Big memory (for MSGS) i don’t use my phone for mp3 or photo storage that’s why the ipod was invented
4.) Can call and send long sMs

Kisses A.

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