October 12, 2009

magic for a cause

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Dear blog,

last week kaye a friend of mine called me and asked me if i could help them with
a segment their doing for their show us girls (a local tv show)
i hate tv interviews
you can make me do all sorts of presentations for clients
but tv interviews are just a big no no for me ;P
i get all retarded and pukie when ever i get in front of the camera
but she said that it was for a fund raising fashion show
to raise donations for all the victims of storm ondoy (ketsana) and
storm pepeng (parma)
so i said yes since it was for a really good cause

i was with 2 other fellow bloggers/stylists
Rcxy Bautista
and Shahani Gania
do check their oh so tarush blogs

Me, rcxy, shahani

(photos: from rcxy and shahani)
the show was a mixture of celebrities (star magic talents) and models
wearing clothes from some of the countries top designers

we were asked to give comments/opinions
about what the celebrities and models were
was it good? was it bad? did they work it? those sort of things
(inferness it was fun since kilala ko nanaman sila)
kahit slight tahimik akesh keri!

long sheer blue and gray top by muah
black blazer by John paras
necklace cosmo + anton B.
black skinny pants
Top sider Steve M.

the show was great
favorite pieces from:
Inno Sotto, joey samson, Gian Romano,Bang Pineda, josie Natori

glad to the hear that the show was able to raise p3,407,00

kisses A.

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