October 07, 2009

sometimes i still think of nobody nobody but you.. my ultimate baduy moment

MooD: the blog hum-hum
i sit down
on the floor
as i light my menthol love affair
i wait..
in the light
where we use to sit
you were like a dream
but like any dream you slowly faded away
like my old contact sheets..
i can barely see you now..
i stare at you
or what is left of you
what is left of me..

every thursday i pretend its my birthday
i close my eyes
i make a wish
i wish for that moment
small black spaces
scribbles of randomness
NEOn lights
music playing
where everything
was everything
but everything was just over
to say that i don't miss you would be a lie

this is just me
being human

i fell
and it was lovely
kisses A.

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