October 23, 2009

500 minutes of whatever

MooD: old love
take me where the bubbles are pink
and you dance like a sissy boy

Dear Blog,
i went out with my two sisters and pewee one of beloved BFF's
we have been living together for almost 2 years now
He's actually leaving for europe in about a month or so
thats why i am taking advantage of the time we have together
i will be missing our crazy fun drunken nights together
our little pep talks and all that jazz..
my almost half-human sister :)

dinner +movie
our usual friday night ritual minus the drunken moments
(hes getting too old na daw for that) all i can say is che at kape!
since my blog is called Love,fashion and everything in between
i think we should make a post about love..
so okay after dinner
me and pewee watched 500 days Of summer
the movie was actually Good
it was funny, interesting and filled with crazy love
it sort of
reminded me of my two great Loves
yes two of the most memorable guys i dated..
and loved
for the longest time i have been trying to make myself believe
that my last love was my dead end
but the movie reminded that there are better things to come...
i shouldn't be staying in the same place longer with the same baggages
and must move forward
in order for me to embrace tomorrow,
maybe having a worn out,
but lighter heart.
i have to have Faith in fate,
ps. peewee is so into the guys cardigan
how boring can you get?
Loves you

Kisses A.

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  1. Made me sad to think Peewee is leaving but I'm happy for him for this great opportunity.