September 29, 2009

typhoon ketsana "ondoy"

MOOD: our house in the middle of the flood
Dear BLOG,
september 26 09
Time: 1:30pm
i was having a bad dream
i heard someone screaming
"wake up! wake up! something bad is happening, you have to wake up!!"
I woke up and it was my mom banging on my door screaming the water was rising and so i opened the door and dark muddy water started to flow inside my room
i panicked and grabbed everything i could starting with pewee's photo equipments
all my slippers floated away so i grabed the first thing i saw which was my blue platform heels and started runing around and asking the neighbors for help.
the walls were covered with insects and cockroaches
it was like one of those awful nightmare movie scenarios..
i was in total shock
because the last time we had a flood was 1985 (in our street pateros st. jp rizal area)
we grabbed everything that we could and placed it upstairs along with our 15 cats.
the water came in really fast.

most of our furniture and electronic stuff got soaked and some floated away
the water was still rising so we closed our main switch for the electricity
after 2 hours of panicking the water slowly subsided
so i was able to take some photos

Maki one of outdoor kitties
we were able to carry her cage upstairs

my room
the water started to rise again
since we had no electricity our only source of info was from the radio
and calls from my sister who got stuck in her office in ortigas.
lots of people were stranded in different areas along metro manila
they were calling the radio station asking to be rescued
houses fully submerged in different areas
people stuck in their roof tops
it was so sad..
nothing we could do but to pray for everyone
12:45 am
i was beginning to worry
the water was still not subsiding
getting deeper by the hour
we had limited clean drinking water and
no cellphone reception
i fell down the stair case because it was slippery
got electrocuted by the phone
honey our dog was getting stressed out

the next morning while cleaning i couldn't help but cry
seeing everything you worked hard for swept away
was just heart breaking
but still we were happy that no one from our family got hurt
we need to be positive
we need to be strong...
we need love

lets help our fellow filipinos
in any way we can

kisses a.


  1. Yes I agree with you.. we do need to be strong and need to be together in times of crisis. Great post. I love the way you wrote it.. funny because I was there with you and heartfelt. We are still very lucky as we are all together and we still have our home.

  2. I'm very thankful that everyone's okay. I would have been there if it was possible to go home. It's very personal the way you wrote what happened last September 26, felt like I was there .