September 10, 2009

insert tittle here:

Mood: Bleeding Love--lyrical hip hop moment
location: messy bedroom floor

Dear Blog,
i missed you ..
here are
my random Blah's for the past few weeks
i would like to send my kisses to the guy who came a few hours
ago and fixed our internet connection :)

its nice to be back
its nice to see all the gossip on FB
update status
send IMs to my Bfs And BFFs ;)
i have been sick for the past 4 days now
but feeling much better now
can't really move that much
(romy and michele's high school reunion+more)
a very dull nonproductive week
i finally said Goodbye to my korean boy

got back up
bleached my hair to death

got bored
chopped it all off
dyed it jet black

working on my blank white wall
it still needs a lot of work

i will let you be a mess for now..
kisses A.

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