September 18, 2009


MooD: Plastic jungle-- mike snow
Tweet of the day: sabi ni GG kailangan natin mag hair extensions ;)

Dear Blog.
i Have been feeling random again
for the past week...

its like waking up and not feeling anything
i think i need more alone-me-time
i hope it will do me some good
i got a text from someone from the past the other day
it was a sorry text
explaining why...
i really don't know what i feel..
or if i even feel anything right now..

--the first episode of Gossip girl was Good

anyhoos i found a little something something to cheer me up..
got this from lotho lotho
its like playing with paper dolls
and you get to play the stylist
my page

send me some hearts dahling ;)

my two favorite looks i made

click click to enlarge

kisses a

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  1. Hey Anton.B,

    Thank you follow my blog! Its been fun too! I love your bl♥g and I am every day!

    Good look on this pics! :)

    Sincerly your Yann♥Bunzll, xoxo