August 06, 2009

The Muse and the Artist (brent chua)

cover art by muah ;)
fashion was always synonymous to art for me.
One can easily express ones self by wearing outfits based on their emotions.
Mondays can be utterly depressing, Tuesdays are usually Nostalgic,
Wednesdays you tend to fall in love, and Fridays can be very random.
For me art is a form of release.
I reconstruct my negative raw emotions into something beautiful.
I played around with the idea of mix media art and combining it with fashion.

I used a variety of mediums to create lines, texture, and volume.

Most of my designs are unisex; Maybe its because i love the idea of breaking the general rule of gender .
i find the word “androgyny” very... sexy.
(click click to enlarge photos)
On Brent: Sheer blue and white stripe top
customized hand painted skinny denim pants with tulle detail
On A: Layered pinstripe coat with leather bow detail

pop art neon yellow rain coat with tulle detail

hand painted beaded frame, Nude "love me" beaded undies

jackpot B dress

nude gloves, hand dyed/hand painted shapeless top

melted spike heart head piece,customized neon boots
Blue man dress
structural black tops


  1. Beautiful collection! Keep up the great work. Glad that you are now pursuing your passion.

  2. Great works you gots here anton. ^_^
    Brents' modeling worked wonders too!

  3. ganda anton... hehehe me like... pwede ko ba i-repost?

  4. brent is great! my idol!

  5. The muse and the artist collection depicted a more ill mannered way of expressing love. The artist somehow confines his emotions and turns it into an art form. Personally, I love how he juxtaposed the craziness of the subject with stark walls. It somehow silently resonates the uttermost feelings of the artist. His craziness combined with his talent, conveyed the love that will forever be trapped in a time space wherein he could only see what is within.

  6. brent chua is one of the most down to earth model that i have ever met. i have the opportunity to met him backstage at a fashion week. he is super cool and super nice.

  7. dear mr. or ms. anonymous

    thanks for the nice review

    naloka akei

    do i know you?????

    kisses a.;)

  8. congrats! fab styling anton! more power to you!

  9. @backstage

    yeah hes super nice and fun


  10. oh he always looks like so much fun! love this..

  11. <3 everythig about this shoot. we love brent chua.

  12. Beautiful photography! :p ♥ I ADD your BLOG in my favorit BLOGS because it's simple amazing! Love ♥ Xoxo :) Tchèk it! (k) (l)

  13. i love brent chua!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im in love. he's hot blessed with a cool personality! wow!