August 11, 2009

random smiles

MOOD: oops I did it again-its britney bitch
Dear Blog,
its 4 something in the morning and just got home..

another great tiring day..

i got most of my stuff i need for a show im doing this Saturday.

almost finished styling the 3o piece collection for the said show.


i got a text from a friend earlier today and he said that he posted the piece we did a few weeks ago

and i just saw it now.. i find it interesting to see all the reactions from different people..

this comment was so funny..

“wow ang tough naman niya. how nice of brent to do a shoot for kids! this is for a school project im sure. this is very much the style of local avant garde photographer, i got surprised it isn’t his work, better to develop your own style “

----all i can say is keri mam lol

anywhoos! seeing all the photos from the 1st manila design week (day 1) was terribly depressing.. i was not able to go . craps i had a lot of things to do that day.

but i was able to attend the Creative Collaboration exhibit.

Proximity peeps and paul Guadakomedaand here are the artworks my friends did :)

loves it..
LOTHO'S team: i was with lotho when he did this paper gown and he even thought me how to fold each piece.. TaRouchE!

WE lovessss YOu
-A. and P


  1. d ako nakapunta dun sa exhibit hehehe

    grabe exposure sa fashionisto hahaha

    oi belated happy bday kay john P!!!

  2. yah( with dumb blonde accent) haha gaga ka nagulat nalang ako na nakapost na sya sa ibang bloggy..
    alot of the comments were so funny
    it would have been much better if they wrote why "my styling and your photos sucked" elaborate please..
    and it was just an art piece it was not suppose to be perfect or glitzy
    it was raw and i loved it
    but everyone is entitled to have their own opinion
    so keri
    it did its main purpose. to provoke an emotion/reaction . good or bad


  3. yes yes yes

    and also... whenever you write something... have the balls to show your face debba? lol