February 11, 2012

BLUE Birthdays

Mood: this rocket will take us to the planet that will save Us
Dear Blog,
Last tuesday had dinner with some of my loveliest friends 
Would like to send extra kisses to everyone who greeted & made my day extra sweet 
I just turned 25 and i can't believe how fast time flies 
i Just realized that our whole house is blue ( my room is separated from the main house) & had nothing to do with the wall paint, furniture, decoration Etc. Etc.
recolored my hair: blue,blue green, purple, hot pink, cotton candy pink 
as you can see our cats love cake 
just in case you don't know who tangerine is he's my lovely orange tabby baby ( but the cake actually came from my super sweet sister atsi gerry) 
& another surprise cake by Lawrence (thank you for the ultra cute diamonds & pipi cake) 
You are the sweetest 
Caramel baby: Cats in Party Hats 
thats all for now