January 06, 2012

magical blue rice

Mood: you make lamps with of love 
Dear Blog,
Hey blog,
Its a new year again and for some weird reason i'm all giddy all day everyday since december 
its kinda alarming, scary at times but i do like the light feel of things
the neptune green walls are slowly coming down and 
I feel something special might happen 
it feels like a day dream of some sort 
I'm not really into new year resolutions 
because  if i feel like changing something i just do it 
but my "things i must do before i die list" has been updated 
i hope everyone had a lovely holiday :) 
Things i must do 
A.) no. 27 Cooking 
 Blue rice with Spicy Sisig 
something i cooked this week 
i always wanted to make really nice looking food 
but i know that i don't have  talent when it comes to cooking 
" i keep sweaters in my oven" - Carrie Bradshaw 
& hopefully i can improve my diet this year 
add more healthy things to it 
if only i could go vegan but i know i'm not 100% ready 
next time will try baking 
photo link here 
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Thats all for now 
Kisses A.

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