December 20, 2011

yesterday, today, & tommorow

Mood: lets take a walk and get lost in the big blue city 
Dear Blog,
First i would like to send kisses To my to lovely Big sis John Paras  & Lotho
for their recent collections 
John Paras 
I'm suuuuper suuuuuper sorry for not being able to attend your show 
i had to go to a lot  of places that day and traffic was just Horrible  :(
will make it up to you mi loves 
video by Jujiin Samonte 
leather + Lace + Cutouts + john = SEXy looks 
sending extra kisses to john. congratulations! 
LOTHO's rack in Thank you today 
Delicious black and white minimalistic pieces 
(sorry crappy photo my camera died :( ) 
and these leather sketch pads are to die! ( i want one) 
Cute bags By Melvin Mojica X KOKO Gonzales 
THats all for now 
Kisses A.

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