September 08, 2011

tell mr. 5 to play that song i like the one with the crazy beats

Mood: beds and skinny boys
Dear Blog,
just a little random update 
just got back from my little lake trip it was refreshing and i had a lovely time there 
listening to the soft whispers of the waves 
letting the fluids drip and take over 
heres a little snapshot of a video i just did for a future collection 
i'm doing 
the first prototype i finished 
Have a great weekend! 
and don't  forget to dance like theres no tomorrow
WEEKEND playlist 
A.) run like hell - kittie 
B.) Ride a white horse - Goldfrapp
C. jail lala  Dum Dum girls 
D.) sheena is a punk rocker - ramones 
and the yeah yeah yeahs cover ;) 
E.your song - Ellie Goulding 
Thats all for now
Kisses A.

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