December 03, 2010

monday kisses and happy salad days

Mood: I need to tell Mr. 13 that he has perfectly Imperfect hair  
Dear Blog,
Just another Random post
Recently been feeling all tired and abused 
thats why its important to have friends over for some R&R
watched Gen M last monday with le girls
me,piwi, karl, & will
willar found a new playmate 
A dress I'm making for Meanne Santos
and something for myself
 my sewing machine got a new makeover with the help of willar mateo and his rainbow lover stickers
Willar's Stamp loving mood
here are my new rescue babies, 
their whole family were killed by EVIL EVIL Kids but luckily these two cupcakes survived
and Godiva 
me trying to pull off the one sided men's wear look
was Really Glad to see Karl & will that day 
Can't wait to see karl wearing the dress i made ;)
Shameless Plugging insert here-----
Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Section ;)
photo from Ly-ar Martinez
 Thats All for now 
Kisses A.


  1. love u anton!!! cant wait 2 c u guys once again

  2. love love lovesssss it!! hang cute lahat! the sewing machine, kitties, your place hhehehe