October 10, 2010

color me blue : Random update

Mood: Blue is a four letter Word
Dear Blog,
I'm Sort of back..
Been terribly busy with a lot of things
But I'm taking advantage of my 2 days-off-day-rest-till-your-heart-pops-day 
will be on turbo blogging mode and will update you my lovely blog
It feels good to be back online.
Honestly I'm a bit Tired ..
emotionally & physically 
anywhoos heres just a little Random update before i start posting again..
just dyed my hair Blue
my hair needs to change to help my moods .
i need to feel something new every week
BLUE Ruin is my pick of the week
a mixture of gray & blue
i love it when your hair color starts to fade
Past few weeks
my hair feels a little bit abused from all the dying 
And im excited for my passport renewal this week my photo will be super fun with the blue & gray hair 
All messed Up
i seriously need to clean my room
and i added new wall art ;) 
went to divi last week to look for materials. 
didn't find any..
 instead i got a cactus and named it Dorian 
Last wednesday went to members only for the mega magazine party
a welcome home party for Furne One 
the first winner of Mega Young designer competition (1994)
and it was also a reunion for all the past contestants
pc:kaye morales
pc: Daryl lozano
With Furne One & Aram Loe my new friend and fellow finalist 
it was nice seeing Ms. tina D. & Divine Lee
thank you for the sweetness & support 
sending kisses 
pc: Ly-ar martinez
we were also introduced to the public as the finalists for 2011 MYDC
Patricia Canlas & Cheska Cadorniga
cocktail girls
Thats all for now
Kisses A.


  1. i love your new hair color!! and love your past colors too <3 i know what you mean about wanting to change hair colors to change your mood-i get that way too!! like right now, i want to go platinum again but im thinning out already. so we will see. oh, and great photos!! i wan to hang with you when i go back hehe :)

  2. I love all your hair colors! So fun. And Dorian the cactus is way too amazing. :) <3

  3. i badly miss yew anton! see u soon/ ganda nio lang ni cheska.. i love ze photos