September 19, 2010

Something MEGA is coming

MOOD: I  want to feel your wet embrace, lets dance mr. 33 and get lost.  
Dear Blog,
 I would like to share something exciting with you guys
remember i made a post before about joining a design competition.
well here it is
i joined the mega young designer competition
which is one of the things on my must do list for 2010

Out of 100 applicants i was one of the 18 semi finalists 
we will be competing for the 8 slots for the main Fashion Gala
i feel all Giddy inside
i would like to send electronic Kisses to my friends who were oh so supportive
love you guys ;) 
Thats all for now 
Kisses A.


  1. Ahh! I'm glad you got something on your 2010 to do list done. :) So awesome! <3

  2. nakakalokaa!!!! yes yes

    GO ANTON BELARDO. well support u all the way. te ako make up artist mo ah? chos mwah

  3. @ Ali & karl thank you guys ;) kisses A.