September 02, 2010

All the small things Eye Heart

Mood: I'm on sugar rush, cover me in cream & Love me if you dare  
Dear Blog,
I would like to say sorry blog for not updating 
Been Sick for days but im feeling much much better now 
September is filled with new exciting projects and all sorts of surprises 
anywhoos heres a little Random blog update..
A.) The BOOK 
Found this really Cute Children's book At National book store last week
I'm Loving the Illustration 
THE BOOK THAT EATS PEOPLE by John Perry Illustrations By Mark Fearing 
B.)My new DIY Berry case 
the jello Berry 
say hello to its denim stingers 
and it tweets...
C.)MY New Bottle cap Ring
A Good Luck gift from a good friend
I Loves it!! sending electronic kisses 
available @ the Junkie shop Cubao X
D.) Whats inside the OMGEE Bag
 other random fun stuff for eating 
and something EYE really want to watch

Thats All for now
 Kisses A.


  1. How adorable :D especially your utensil kit

  2. ang cute!!! you're always full of surprises ateh! ^^

  3. Hope you feel better soon ! That's the quote I need to hear right now...