August 09, 2010

#semidrunktweets and imaginary cupcake monters

Mood:Semi precious Drunk mode ;)

Dear Blog,
Just another Random update from me..
and electronic kisses will Keep you 
smiling  :)"
its a lovely lovely week   
*insert i'm inspired today*
the barricades are slowly going down for neonheartboy
in other news 
im almost finish with my gift for a friend
"because every little girl deserves a imaginary cupcake friend" 
and a really death by hilarious video
saw this @
You must watch this!
"attention little monsters , now is the moment we have all been waiting for
the time has come for us to rise up 
Grab your glue guns and sequins and take to the streets
we must over throw the government for i now declare myself supreme overlord of earth" 
"onward my pretties"
so hows your week going so far?
Kisses A.


  1. "..and we're still working hard to stop Linsay Lohan's cocaine addiction." and I love the MJ at the end, hahaha. <3

    Haha that is such a cute video, Anton! :) and I love your cupcake drawing, it's way too awesome, especially with the fangs and all. ;)

    My week is going good.. school starts Wednesday, ahhhhhhh! xD of course I will keep it updated.

  2. yeay for month long birthdays :) i love that cupcake drawing!! and yes every girl needs an imaginary cupcake friend hehe!!

  3. Love the imaginary cupcake friend :)