August 04, 2010

death by drag queens

Mood: say yes to Drags & no to drugs 
Dear Blog,
what i wore to Shahani gania's birthday bash
The Long gown competition part 2 
this year i decided to go all the way
lets start with THE OH MY GOWN option2 that i didn't  wear
Hot pink ball gown by john paras 
black dress: by me
inner petticoat : john paras 
painted jacket Puey quinones
vintage paloma picasso bag
and Thank you Emer Buenaventura for my makeup
photo by Paul Dela peret jatayna
photo By Gelo Arucan
photo by Vince Flores 
Photo by Renan Ramirez 
will make another post about this
i had soooo much fun!
thats all for now
Kisses A.


  1. u make a hot girl - but your prettier in mens wear albeit when it's androgynous.

    Hearts and heroine


  2. yeah thats what i usually do
    i just wanted to know how it feels to go Full blast Drag

    kisses A.

  3. This was full blast PHENOMENAL!!!! I found it more of a fashion art piece than drag, for sure. I can totally see you outside of the shows in Paris getting papped for fashion blogs. DO. IT! Haha.