June 15, 2010

no. 007 Feel can't you see theres so much here to Feel

Mood: This time baby I'll be bulletproof 
Dear Blog,
first of all i would like to say thank you to Mr. stress and Ms. diet 
for making me loose a lot of weight. I can fit in my decent clothes again
*giddy mood*
Well its time for my Favorite Blog portion
where i give you my Monthly List of random Picks
I missed you so much Blog
and im really glad to be with you again..
1.) My Shoe fetish Dream
A. Doc Martens + SanRio 
its as if someone killed hello kitty and turned her into a shoe 
crazy but i just lovess it  *insert drool here*
they have it in pink + black and multri print but the white one is still my favorite 
B. Margiela Painted shoes
i know its very easy to DIY  but i rather buy the ones from margiela
i remember hearing this from the coco chanel movie
"its not the material dahling its the concept"
 ikaw kaya magisip ;) 
Photolink: theshoebuff.com 
2.) Movie Moment 
"if you can't find a friend make one" and "I need more Parts"
My favorite play time movie

3.) its time for competition 
a few weeks ago before Fweek i decided to join a design competition 
i can't really give out any details about the said contest  for i may get disqualified 
but i feel really positive about my entry 
hopefully i'll get in the Semi finals
the waiting  is just killing me Ugh..
This was me a few weeks ago (favorite sewing scene ever)
didn't sleep for a week 
"i don't know about you ms. kitty but i feel so much yummier.."
Boy no. 2
work space 
                                                    Sneak peek of what i did
my weapon of choice Stockings and metal pieces 
4. My GV Song 
*death by massive orgy-ish Love scene *
5.) Hair Dilemma 
i really don't know what to do with my curly hair  
should i go shorter this month?? hmmmmm...
photolink: hair 
6.)  Smell me dahling 
men's and women's Perfume by  Maison Martin Margiela 
Link: smell

7.) Crushie of the month *insert kiligs here*
heres a part of a new mix media painting  Im making 
will make a separate  [post about it 
8.) Website LUSTRALBOY.COM -----click here
thank you for featuring me!
go check out their site ;) 
Thats all for now
Kisses A.


  1. I think you should so totally do that with your hair, it'd look awesome. :) and I looove your work area, that's exactly what mine looks like when I'm concocting artsy madness, hehe~ greys and blacks? I will see what I can doo ;D

  2. may bagong crushie! naman! hahaha. ano plan sa 22 teh? ^^

  3. omg crushie.. excit6ed na ako s 22. absent ako. all the way na tau s gabi. lets enjoy one another. oops. enjoy is vague. haah
    and scandalous. anton omg. diy moko ng stockings! hahhaa

    and yes yes yes.. i love catwoman's transformation. ang wicked lang!

  4. whatever you do with your hair Anton you still look cute (wink!) Btw good luck to your entry I hope you make it! =)

  5. "I love the winged pin soft"
    You, sir, are a genius! How could I have not realized this?!
    Now, to decode this secret message~!

  6. @jaypee ahahaha miss you dear!

    @mike and karl will email you the details about june 22 muaahhh miss you both!