May 09, 2010

the lumps in my heart it tears us apart *insert SFX here*

Mood: Lumps in my heart
Dear Blog,
heres a random update from me
the weather is just killing me 
i feel dehydrated most of the time and my allergies are on full blast
i wish the rain would come and give me comfort 
watched  SIN CITY again the other day 
Goldie's love/ death scene
 i love the visuals and gore 
Leather Cut outs 
to give a little something something to my oh so boring tile floor
Floral +Kittes
our kitties loving our new Floral sofa 
this photo reminds me of my favorite print from mui mui
S2010 RTW 
Carrie Bradshaw 
Pencil + paper  a sketch i did a year ago 
ID booth photos from 2007
@neonheartboy  photo from piwi i miss you na bitch!
And heres a really Hot video by Delphic-- doubt 
Thats All for now 
Kisses A.

1 comment:

  1. Love the pictures of the cats! Jelly Bean and Mochi looked like they posed on purpose :-)