April 11, 2010

bye bye pewee see you next year!

Mood: Im giving you my coat made with love 
Dear Blog,
Uh-mai-gawd.. i never really thought i was going to write this but since you are leaving na this monday.i think its time for my shoulder pads may come and go but BFFs are forever Post
A. met P. P introduced A. to J. and the rest was history 
Omg P. im really going to miss our crazy fun fun nights,
Kissing Random guys drunk nights
Double P. shorts night
"touch my bum this is life"
Jelly fish nights and work nights 
80's night 
*ang pagbabalik ng blusang itim ni Ms. Snooky*
photo by jujiin samonte
 GV nights
Crashing nights, single girls night , Bolimic sisters night,  
None G night 
im going to miss my roomie
well see you next year!  2011!
and remember lagi ka asa japan.. you know naman how much i love the hello kitty toaster
haha and bring satcho home!
love you Bitch!
i will just leave you with our ultimate GV song !
with lots of love A.


  1. bekiiiii i miss you already! im in taipei airport now waiting for my connecting flight to okinawa. josko 48 years in the making ang internet dito.

    see you in 8 months! muaaaaah