February 08, 2010

Birthday post (part 1 )

Mood: Enjoying my sunday Hang over 
Dear Blog,
i want to say thank you to everyone who greeted 
me on my birthday 
through facebook,sms, and bbar moments ;)
i had uuuuuuuuuuuber fun
okay its time to make a wish now *feels all giddy**with matching sissy boy laugh*
spotted: a floating sweet object yum! 
outfit: vangaurd--bang p. spotted long shirt,padded coat mango,
leggings--zara, shoes--HK, batman mask--supermarket 
spotted bat boy? now all i need  is robin..hmmm 
sisterets! love you guys muahhhh
mommy and sister clara for florals and spots ;)

thats all for now
photos by michael maguigad
Kisses A.


  1. belated happy bdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy kisses!
    love ya 'ton

  2. Belated Habertdei! :3
    More sparkles and glitters for the next years to come! :3