January 22, 2010


Mood:Sick and bored as hell Ugh
Dear Blog,
so okay the other day i was feeling much better na
and now im back in bed again freezing to death..(layered in knits and kimonos)
im terribly bored been stuck in bed for two days now
i want to go out but im too weak :(
 this is what i feel right now

me and zarina 3 years ago
but this might help me get back into shape :) i always get thin after getting fever for days hmmm..
 movies i have been watching 
while stuck in bed
thank you xtorrent ;)
1.) Battle Royale
in the mood for gore and body mutilation :)

girl no 13!!
2.) formula 17
a feel me good gay love story 
(its so bad its good moment)

3.) 500 days of summer
for more GV

4.) Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
my all time favorite movie

5.) Mozart and the whale
sweet !

6.) Factory Girl
everybody needs a warhol moment from time to time 

pending movies:
-ghost world
- Romy and michele's high school reunion
virgin suicides 

and heres a jacket im doing to save me from my boredom 
thats all for now
kisses A.


  1. battle royale was !!!!!!!! for me. haha. and formula 17 was just sooooo cute.

    you should watch 'eternal summer'. ^^

  2. yeah im going to watch it! yey thanks
    niloload ko na in youtube
    im sure its going to be hard to download it in torrent
    the internet connection is soo ughss right now
    kisses A.

  3. ok. tell me agad what you think. that film made me smile, cry, scream... lahat na. hahahaha.

  4. the movie was really nice
    kakalungkot nga lang ng very very light ehehe
    and i hate that carrie character

    kisses a.

  5. do you have a copy of formula 17?? i wanna watch it but i cant find a dvd of it. hehe btw whats the scream all about? hehe

  6. @jaypee yes i have a copy pa dinownload ko lang mga 10 years bago ko nakuha , its hard to find a dvd copy of it
    whats with the sceam?
    gusto ko na sumigaw the other day kasi batong bato na ako
    death by boredom

  7. pahingi nman ako ng copy?? hehe.. can u e-mail it to me??? timmy_060@yahoo.com thanks a bunch!

  8. yey! factory girl dindownload ko na! hehe

  9. @karl
    ahaha your going to love her ;)